Using the latest in on-stage microphones, and 16 channel mixing desk, with  techniques honed over many years of work as a live sound engineer creating authentic, transparent sound from intimate venue to large Hall.

*$250 -$500(depending on show hour requirements and site visit)

Full Sound System for between 100 seats and 350 seats
In addition to mixing the sound at your event I can also arrange rental of a professional high quality sound system.

$500-$900 (depending on size of system required)

Live Sound Mixing

Using the latest high end recording system (including backup recording) to capture a true representation of the performance using expert mic-ing placement techniques and very sophisticated micorphones. (example click here) (Turning Point)

$425-$650(depending on size of band and post recording-editing hours)

Location Concert Recording

Live off the floor recording captures the essence of the live music created,  specialising in Acoustic, Roots & Jazz music. (Example Vanjango)

* $240-$3000 (depending on project size | $240 = 1 x 4 hour session)

Live off the floor studio Recording

Tailor made to each competition, keeping within the rules specified, producing an excellent true to performance presentation. (example Clarinet)

* $350 - $600(depending on how many tunes required | $350 includes 2 hours recording, video and editing)

Classical Competition Audition Audio & Video Recording




Minimum of 2 hour each session.
* $60 

General Hourly Recording/Editing Rate


* The estimates available here are provided as a service to our customers. However, as each project is unique, so too is each estimate. Please call (604) 782-1435 with any additional questions.